2.3 T Digger

Rates include Digger and Trailer. This is a 2.3 tonne digger with a tilting bucket.


Combine our 2.3T Digger with our 6T Fuso Tipper. Our Fuso Canter Tipper Truck 3L Diesel is ideal in combination with the 2.3T Digger. Can Drive on a Car licence with 3T of weight behind (3T of metal/dirt, or the 1.8T or 2.3T Digger & Trailer, but not both).

Full Day :       $ 453.00 on trailer
Week End :    $ 846.00 on trailer

Week Rate: Price available


Half Day:

Full Day:



$275.00 on trailer

$360.00 on trailer

$594.00 on trailer

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