YANMAR V10 1.8 Ton Digger/Excavator on trailer

Rates include Digger and Trailer , three buckets Std , 300mm trench plus 900mm wide bucket .This is a full zero swing machine & is ideal for working in those tight area's , it has expandable tracks to give stability on uneven ground . A very user friendly excavator with operator comfort and smooth controls.


Combine our 1.8T Digger with our 6T Fuso Tipper. Our Fuso Canter Tipper Truck 3L Diesel is ideal in combination with the 1.8T Digger. Can Drive on a Car licence with 3T of weight behind (3T of metal/dirt, or the 1.8T or 2.3T Digger & Trailer, but not both).

Full Day :       $ 378.00
Week End :    $ 714.00

Week Rate: Price available


Half Day:

Full Day:






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